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Platte Canyon's

Volunteer driven,
Community focused

The PCCP Boutique offers a diverse selection of furniture, clothing, appliances, kitchenware, and collectable, antique and more!

By coordinating with local non-profits, the Boutique maintains a completely volunteer-driven workplace.

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Our Impact

Since 2017, The PCCP Boutique has been busy in Park County!



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Grants to Local Non-Profits

Our Impact
Our Story

Our Story 

Six individuals gathered around a dining room table in 2016 to begin brainstorming the perfect non-profit that would serve the “Platte Canyon Community” along the HWY 285 corridor between Shawnee and Conifer. The Resale Boutique was successfully opened in July of that year. They launched a “Partnership” concept whereby local non-profits would be granted a specific period of time to team with the Resale Boutique volunteers and be awarded a percentage of the profits. By 2022, fourteen direct service non-profits have participated and over $100,000 has been awarded. In addition, service scholarships are awarded to high school students who live in the area and who donate at least 20 hours of volunteer time.

The Platte Canyon Community Partnership (PCCP) Resale Boutique is a totally volunteer organization with a grass-roots beginning. The PCCP Boutique is true to its name: everyone who participates is a volunteer -- no paid staff. The volunteer concept means everyone has chosen to give of his/her time and expertise to support a cross section of individuals and groups in our mountain community. PCCP Resale Boutique also supports other local scholarship opportunities through the Bailey Chamber of Commerce. The Resale Boutique has become a unique community presence offering furniture, collectables, décor, household goods, and clothing. All items in the Boutique are donated by the community.

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We welcome all volunteers!

Flexible scheduling, great people,

community service.


Receive grants and scholarships for volunteering


Donations are received on Wednesdays and Saturdays

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